Volunteering with Freo Street Doctor: A Two-Way Street

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Did you know that the simple act of volunteering can enable the development of new skills, contribute to a sense of meaning and purpose, improve your social connections and positively impact your overall sense of wellbeing?

Tara is a volunteer with Freo Street Doctor, who strongly believes in the value of volunteering.

“Volunteering is about human connection and coming together. I volunteer because I believe in giving back to my community and being of service to others is important,” said Tara.

“To me, volunteering means me giving of my time, skills, and energy. This is a two-way street though, because of the value in the diverse experiences and stories that people have shared with me.”

As a volunteer, Tara enables Freo Street Doctor to provide essential health services and support by assisting with the flow of clients, assisting the Outreach Worker role, liaising with Freo Street Doctor partners to establish ongoing support, and speaking to clients while they wait to see the doctor. Her background in counselling has been invaluable to her volunteer role, with her compassion, empathy and ability to listen non-judgementally utilised often.

Through her work with Freo Street Doctor, Tara finds a stronger sense of humanity and a genuine connection to individuals in the community.

” I listen to many snippets of each person’s story while they wait to see the doctor. I see and hear moments of sadness, frustration, anger, hurt and humour, resilience, courage, kindness, creativity, and genuine connection. I feel honoured for members of our community to share their stories with me, and I am reminded that we are all in this human experience together.”

Thanks to volunteers like Tara, Freo Street Doctor is able to deliver essential health services with compassion and care, from Willagee to Mandurah.

If you would like to volunteer with Freo Street Doctor, simply complete this form or get in touch with our Human Resources team on 6559 1482.