About the program

The Buried in Treasures program is for people who would like to learn tips on how to de-clutter and stop over-acquiring, alongside people who have faced similar challenges.

The group program consists of 16, two-hour long workshops, run over a period of 16 weeks, to enable gradual but consistent progress.

Each week experienced mental health workers or lived experienced representatives will facilitate a discussion around a specific skill, followed by the completion of challenging and rewarding exercises.

Individual progress, challenges, successes and goals are also monitored throughout the sixteen weeks.

Participants are expected to commit to attending all the sessions in the program as well as to participate actively.

The program is free, with an optional gold-coin donation encouraged to contribute towards a celebratory lunch at the end of the program.

The program helps people who:
  • Find it difficult or distressing to discard items that seem to be of no use or of little value.
  • Are not able to use the space in their home as desired, due to the accumulation of clutter.
  • Are negatively impacted by their hoarding tendencies.
What is Buried in Treasures?

Buried in Treasures is a self-help book written by Dr David Tolin, Dr Randy O. Frost and Dr Gail Steketee, who are among the world’s leading experts in the study and treatment of hoarding disorder. The book outlines a program of skill-building, lessons to change the way you think about possessions, and progressive challenges to help you to manage clutter.

Put simply, the Buried in Treasures program is a self-help and support group for people who have too much stuff.

Black Swan Health’s Partners in Recovery team was the first organisation in WA to deliver the Buried in Treasures program, and continues to advocate for additional support groups.

Additional Support Services

Ongoing Peer Support

Black Swan Health offers a free, ongoing support group called Finders Keepers for participants who have completed the Buried in Treasures program.

Finders Keepers provides a forum for peers to share their successes, challenges and learnings, and ensure that participants continue to maintain and build upon the progress they have made during the Buried in Treasures program.

Professional Mental Health Support

Black Swan Health employs experienced, non-judgmental psychologists who can help you to better understand and manage hoarding tendencies, using evidence-based techniques.

Find out more about our counselling services here.

Psychosocial Disability Support

If you have ongoing mental health issues that significantly impacts  your quality of life, you may be eligible for psychosocial disability support through the NDIS.

Find out more about our NDIS services here.

How to Register

If you are interested in taking part in the Buried in Treasures Program we encourage you to discuss with your support worker or health professional. You may require support from your support worker or health professional as you go through the workshops, so we encourage you to keep them updated on your wellbeing.

Alternatively, please contact Nadia to discuss your suitability to participate in the program.

To register for our next program, please fill out this Registration of Interest Form.

Programs are limited to a maximum of 12 spaces to ensure high quality support for each participant. If there aren’t enough spaces, you will be put on the wait list for the next program.

For more information, please email Nadia Bamasri at Nadia.Bamasri@blackswanhealth.com.au.

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