Dayna Jaeschke

Dayna Jaeschke profile

Dayna uses an individually tailored approach to address each of her clients’ unique needs. Using her expertise in diabetes and nutrition, she enthusiastically and persistently supports her clients along their journey to managing their health and wellness with confidence.

As a Credentialed Diabetes Educator Dayna has a keen interest in helping people with type 1, type 2 and pre-diabetes to manage their condition. Dayna also has considerable experience with helping people to manage their weight, develop healthy relationships with food through mindful eating practices, manage high cholesterol or high blood pressure to improve heart health, and manage food intolerances/allergies and IBS.

Dayna’s health tip: Plan ahead! Spend a little time planning, purchasing and preparing ingredients for healthy meals that you will eat over a few days. Not only will this help you to make a healthy choice when you are hungry, but it will also save you time and money, too!