Perth skateboarding film raises money for Black Swan Health

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Black Swan Health has received a $600 donation from the proceeds of a skateboarding film, which was shot and created in Perth.

The film The VX Project showcases some of Perth’s best skateboarders and scenery.

Videographer and creator of the film Blake Manning said the film took two years to create, with the film premiering in December last year at Churchill Bar and Restaurant.

Mr Manning said he decided to donate proceeds from the DVD to Black Swan Health because he believed in the work the organisation was doing.

“I decided to donate the proceeds to Black Swan Health for a number of reasons, however the biggest being it was a local charity that catered to individuals who needed support with their mental health, which was a big deal for me,” he said.


“I have been around family members and friends struggling with mental health and it pains me to see these incredible people living in such a dark place, feeling like they have nobody to turn to for support.”

He said more than 30 copies of the DVD has been sold to people around Perth, Melbourne and even as far as France, raising $600 for Black Swan Health.

“I found people were much more generous when they found out it was for a good cause,” he said.

“I hope the funds will assist Black Swan Health to continue to help local people in their day-to-day struggles with overcoming mental health – to continue showing people of all ages that there is somebody to listen.”

Black Swan Health chief executive officer Terina Grace said the donation would go towards helping people in need.

“On behalf of Black Swan Health, we would like to thank Blake for generously donating $600 from the proceeds of his skateboarding DVD,” she said.

“Blake’s donation will help us to continue to deliver our mental health, health care, medical and disability services, including our counselling program that supports people with a range of mental health conditions including post-natal depression, our NDIS services supporting people with a severe and permanent mental illness and early psychosis services.

“Blake’s generosity will help to improve the lives of many vulnerable Western Australians and their families.”

To watch The VX Project click here 

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