Participant Credits PIR for Turning Her Life Around

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Partners in Recovery is an individualised program that helps participants to navigate the mental health system and get back on their feet. Since working with Partners in Recovery for the past 15 months, a PIR participant has done exactly that. She shares her story below:

“When I first started participating in Partners in Recovery I was homeless, my baby was in care with CPFS and I was struggling to stay off of drugs. Over the last 15 months I have found a home, been to rehab, I am now 3 months clean and am now in the process of reunification with my little son.”

The process of finding your feet after experiencing the effects of a mental illness can be overwhelming without the help of Partners in Recovery. For some, the challenges that stand in the way can seem too big to tackle alone.

“Without the support from PIR I would probably still be on the streets, using drugs and grieving the loss of my son.”

With the ongoing support and guidance from her PIR Facilitator, the participant quoted above has been able to access the services that she needs on her journey to recovery, so that she can lead the life that she wants for herself and her son.

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