Exercise Physiologist

Rachel Jeffrey

Exercise Physiologist

Rachel graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science, after discovering a passion for exercise as a group fitness instructor. Rachel recognised the potential for exercise to reduce pain, manage weight, improve wellbeing and create an opportunity for social connection, and wanted to extend these benefits to improve health outcomes in a clinical capacity.

Rachel has strong experience with chronic disease cases, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease in particular. Rachel aims to educate clients on the role of exercise in managing their conditions and improving their lifestyle, to lead to long-term self-management.

After working in the oncology unit at Bloomhill Cancer Care, Rachel developed a special interest in neurophysiology; particularly in how exercise affects key physical and mental health outcomes that may improve overall resilience and functional capacity.

Rachel finds it fulfilling to help people access the benefits of exercise safely and effectively in her day-to-day work. She works with each of her clients to understand their conditions, abilities and goals, to develop an appropriate exercise program that is both effective and likely to be adopted by the client.

To find out more about Black Swan Health’s Exercise Physiology Services, contact us on 9201 0044 or email info@blackswanhealth.com.au.