Kelsey Drew

Exercise Physiologist

From an early age, Kelsey Drew sought out opportunities to pursue her passions for exercise and healthy living by playing, coaching and supporting various forms of individual and team sports. These passions motivated her to study Exercise & Health Science and Exercise Rehabilitation at the University of Western Australia, qualifying as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in 2011.

Kelsey specialises in the treatment and management of chronic diseases, with a strong focus on diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In addition to individual consultations, Kelsey has over 2.5 years’ experience as the principal educator, exercise facilitator and coordinator of a community-based cardiovascular rehabilitation program, for those at-risk and diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

Kelsey enjoys working with older adults and developed a strong skillset for this clientele through her individual and group consultations at Mercy Care, Canning Lodge (aged care facility), Como Health & Fitness Centre and Bentley-Armadale Medicare Local.

Kelsey works with each of her clients to understand their conditions, abilities, barriers and facilitators, to develop an exercise program that is effective, safe and likely to be adopted by the client on a long-term basis. Kelsey aims to empower clients to take control of their own health by providing education, resources and strategies to motivate them to adopt a healthier lifestyle and encourage self-management of their conditions.

Kelsey has experience with vocational rehabilitation for worker’s compensation claims, Enhanced Primary Care Plans (EPC), Team Care Arrangements (TCA) and General Practitioner Management Plans (GPMP), maintaining excellent communication with GPs and other relevant professionals.

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