Living longer and stronger for over 50s

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Living Longer and Stronger

While most see their senior years as an opportunity to slow down, George Forrestill is bucking the trend and embracing the global obsession with fitness with the help of a local group exercise program, Living Longer Living Stronger. What initially began as a temporary 12 week commitment quickly developed into an indefinite health resolution which has allowed the retiree to reap some impressive benefits, reaching his seventies in better shape than ever.

Living Longer Living Stronger (LLLS) is a small group circuit program provided by Black Swan Health and is available to people over 50 years-of-age who are living with chronic conditions. It consists of twice-weekly exercise sessions over a period of 12 weeks that are tailored by a Physiotherapist to best meet the client’s needs, while also guaranteeing their safety and comfort.
Following a referral from his local GP, George joined the program in late 2015 to improve his overall health and better manage his diabetes. Thanks to regular exercise sessions under the watchful eye of Black Swan Health Physiotherapist Simone Berzen, George has lost five kilograms and his blood sugar levels have fallen from 7.5mmol/L to 6.2mmol/L, easing him in to a much healthier blood sugar range.

Simone has worked with George and his classmates from day one and could not be more proud of his progress to date.
“When joining LLLS George was unable to step-up onto a low step and now he not only finishes 30 step ups per leg per session, but confidently marches up onto that step for each rep with gusto.”
George’s commitment to his health has also inspired his wife who now plays an exercise DVD at home when he heads out to LLLS twice a week. She has also given George a cheeky nudge of encouragement to continue his efforts, gifting him a new fit ball and active wear for his seventieth birthday earlier this month.

George is one of nearly thirty participants currently taking part in the program to help combat a variety of health ailments, all of whom are experiencing fantastic results. Those who think they will benefit from the program can seek a referral from their local GP.