Keeping your Eyes on Diabetes

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The 14th of November is World Diabetes Day. This year, the International Diabetes Federation’s World Diabetes Day theme is “Eyes on Diabetes”.

Managing diabetes can be difficult; however the benefits of managing diabetes well are countless. Keeping your “Eyes on Diabetes” through careful management, can help to reduce the risk of serious complications including vision loss, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and sexual dysfunction. To manage diabetes well, it is important that you learn how to keep your blood glucose levels close to your target range and to understand the health checks and screens to monitor any changes that may occur in your body.

It can be confusing navigating diabetes, however Black Swan Health can support you to keep an “Eye on Diabetes”. Group education or one-on-one appointments with highly skilled Diabetes Educators and Dietitians are available to assist you. To be referred into our program, visit

If you are at risk of type 2 diabetes, Black Swan Health can also help you understand how to reduce your risk. Join our Health and Wellness Program by registering at or by calling 08 9201 0044

Click to download World Diabetes Day Infographic