Innovative Job Support for Young People with Mental Ill-Health

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Black Swan Health has partnered with Black Dog Institute and Advanced Personnel Management (APM) to develop a highly responsive, free online service to support young Australians whose mental ill-health puts them at risk of entering long-term unemployment.

This November, Black Swan Health will launch a mobile application to enable young people to easily undertake daily ‘check-ins’ with a mental health professional, enabling an appropriately timed response (immediately if required). In conjunction with the App, aptly named Youth Application Empowering Employment (YAppEE), a national call centre has been established by Black Swan Health, to provide regular phone mentoring and support, based on the young person’s evolving needs.

This important new service will support young people with mental health issues in gaining and maintaining employment, by helping individuals to deal with issues as soon as they arise. Black Swan Health aims to improve employee retention, build confidence and capability in the service users, and improve youth mental health outcomes through targeted support on a youth-friendly platform.

Why focus on employment? Terina Grace, Black Swan Health CEO, explains:

“Employment provides a sense of contribution, belonging, personal growth and direction, all of which contribute to being mentally healthy. It can also establish stability and routine, which are important for the development of habits like commitment and consistency.”

The service targets a statistically high-needs demographic who currently lack the support required to succeed in the workplace. Ms Grace said:

“The data shows that young people with mental illness have five times the unemployment rate of others. On average, it takes twice as long to secure a job in the first place, and then they are three times less likely to remain in employment, and are consequently more likely to be unemployed in the long-term. This is due to complex barriers, such as the cyclical nature of mental illness and unidentified stressors.

“Current employment support programs cannot always deliver the level of monitoring and fluctuating support needed in the workplace. With the application of technology, this innovative program will enable non-invasive, real-time, daily monitoring and critical support from youth mental health specialists.”

This innovative solution has been commissioned as part of a broader national program, the Empowering YOUth Initiative, which seeks to empower young people aged 15-24 who are disengaging from the workforce or school and who face complex issues that affect their future.

The Minister for Employment, Senator Hon Michaelia Cash is confident in the anticipated success of the initiative, stating:

“Early intervention can mean the difference between a young person taking their first steps into a productive and happy working life or entering a life of welfare dependency.”

As the lead agency for this new service, Black Swan Health will utilise its combined expertise in youth mental health services and ongoing supports to successfully assist young people on their way to a productive and happy working life. For assistance, contact us today on 9201 0044 to access this youth employment support program, as well as a range of mental health services for adults and young people.