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Fremantle GP4YP | Black Swan Health

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Fremantle youth can now see a doctor for free. Marina Trevino is Black Swan Health’s manager for Freo Street Doctor and a service called GP4YP and she is as passionate about community health as anyone you’re likely to meet. We got a chance to speak to her today about GP4YP (General Practice for Young People). Here’s what she had to say about it.

1. Hi Marina. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at Black Swan Health?

I’ve been the manager for Freo Street Doctor for over three years now. Recently, I started managing our GP4YP service too. What I love about my job is helping people in the Fremantle community who can’t easily access primary health care. It’s great to see a service that caters to them! I enjoy working with staff that are passionate about community health too.

2. Can you tell us what the GP4YP service is about, and who it’s for?

GP4YP stands for General Practice for Young People. It’s a completely confidential service that gives people in and around Fremantle under the age of 25 access to a doctor, free-of-charge. It’s private and free as long as the person has a Medicare card. If they don’t have a Medicare card, they should still contact us and we’ll do what we can to help. We have other programs that they might fit into and don’t want to turn anyone away that comes to us for help.

3. What typically happens once someone refers themselves to GP4YP?

GP4YP is a self-referred service. That means that someone can just call or email us to make a doctor’s appointment. When they see the GP for the first time they will get a full consultation. It’s important that we don’t limit the time that a patient spends with the GP so they have all the time that they need.

Fremantle GP4YP Infographic | Black Swan Health

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If they need to see a specialist or have a specific issue looked at, the doctor will then refer them to the right person to get further treatment. All medical records are held by GP4YP and patients can return for follow up appointments. This could be for things like going through blood test results or checking progress.

If the person wishes, the GP4YP doctor can become their regular GP. If they are referred to a specialist, the doctor will liaise with that specialist on his/her behalf. There’s no obligation for the person to continue with the GP4YP service and they have complete control over what they choose to do (or not do).

Once that person is over 25, they can choose their own doctor and GP4YP will transfer their medical records to their new doctor.

4. Can they also tap into other Black Swan Health programs? Are there exceptions?

Yes, absolutely. They can access any Black Swan Health programs where they fit the eligibility criteria. All of our services are free or low cost.

5. If a young person wants to access the Fremantle service, what should they do now?

They can call 9432 0480 to speak to me or email I work Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. If they’re not sure about the program, they can give me a call anyway for a friendly chat.

If you would like to find out more about the GP4YP program, click here.
This infographic provides a visual map of what someone can expect when they refer themselves into the program.

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