Warm ups made easy: Black Swan Health’s five-part exercise series

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It’s no secret that daily exercise plays a pivotal role in maintaining your health and wellbeing, especially for those living with chronic conditions – but finding the motivation and the right exercise program to get up and moving can be tough.

Today Black Swan Health launches its five-part exercise program, focusing on the five key components of an effective exercise regime:

Let’s begin with Part One, Warm Up.

The early bird gets the worm (and warm!)

Warm ups should happen before a workout, a team training session, a game or match and it’s always important to leave plenty of time to complete a warm up without feeling rushed or cutting corners. This might mean setting your alarm to ensure you arrive to the gym early, but trust us it’s well worth it!

According to the Australian Institute of Sport there are several benefits of a proper warm up including; elevating the metabolic rate (the measure of the number of kilojoules your body will burn on any given day), increasing muscle temperature and cardio-respiratory function, and finalising mental preparation (focus, attention and concentration).

Regardless of your fitness level or the intensity of your workout, a well-structured warm up will ensure that your body is ready for what is coming next and may assist in avoiding injury.

It’s time to get warmed up

Over the next week, try kicking off your workout with the below warm up compiled by Black Swan Health physiotherapist, Simone Levy.

  • Shoulder rolls – slowly roll your shoulders from front to back 10 times, and then from front to back 10 times
  • Neck rolls – slowly roll your neck from left to right, and repeat 10 times
  • Ankle rolls (sitting or standing) – complete 10 to the right, 10 to the left, 10 up and 10 down
  • Alternating leg raises – lift your leg to create a 90 degree angle with your knee and complete 20 repetitions on each side
  • Leg swings – swing your leg forward and back, and then side to side completing 10 repetitions on each side
  • Neck rotations – slowly turn your neck from side to side and repeat 10 times

Get warm, get active and click here for Part 2: Cardio!

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