Early Intervention Could Change your Teen’s Life

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While emotional and behavioural problems can be a part of a teenager’s natural development, they may also be an early warning sign of more persistent mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

Early intervention is the most effective way to prevent the long-term effects of mental health issues on a teen’s education, relationships and self-image.

By seeking help early, the impact and flow-on effects to adulthood can be minimised, however a study by the Department of Health showed that only one third of affected children and teens had seen a health professional about their mental health issue.

This is perhaps because teens and parents aren’t aware or don’t know how to access help when it is needed.

According to the Department of Health, counselling is the most essential form of help for young people, with two thirds of children and teenagers with a mental health issue relying on counselling to meet their treatment needs.

Help is more accessible than you think. Whether your teenager is facing emotional troubles or has a diagnosed or suspected mental illness, they can access free or low-cost mental health services through service providers like Black Swan Health or your local headspace centre, including headspace Osborne Park and Joondalup.

Coping with the emotional fluctuations of a teenage son or daughter can affect the whole family. If you need support, our team of qualified Clinical Psychologists and registered Psychologists can offer practical coping strategies, professional insight, or simply a safe place to reflect. Contact us to access our low-cost counselling services.