Diabetes Program Plays Vital Role in Life-Saving Discovery

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A participant in Black Swan Health’s free Diabetes Program has made remarkable improvements to his lifestyle and health results after seeking help for his recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

Angus shares his story on the early days of his diagnosis and what led him to such a successful outcome below:

“I asked my GP to refer me to Black Swan Health’s diabetes program after researching diabetes programs in my area. I was curious and didn’t really know what to expect from it, but I was delighted with the experience I had.

Of course, I wasn’t happy about the Diabetes diagnosis at the beginning. Part of me was in denial and angry about the situation. The Black Swan Health staff helped me come to terms with this, showing empathy and understanding for my situation. In hindsight, this was the best way for them to start the dialogue as it made me more engaged with what they had to say.

Both the Diabetes Educator and Dietitian were fantastic. They were professional, knowledgeable and consistently enthusiastic in a professional low key way, a lot more enthusiastic than I was initially to be honest, and they kind of carried me along with them.”

During the program, Angus was alerted to some unexpected health results that were life-threatening. Angus describes his experience below:

“At one point in the program, Karen, the Dietitian made me aware of an independent research trial involving Diabetic health risks. It was not a ‘hard sell’, just information that might be of interest or assistance.

I acted on Karen’s information, taking part in the trial and as a result discovered that I had a dangerously high calcium score and was at risk of suffering a heart attack. Both my father and grandfather had died young from heart disease, so this was a serious wake-up call. My GP had received word from the trial coordinator and immediately took action to reduce my risk.

 Karen had nothing to gain from recommending the study; she was in fact going above and beyond my expectations by fully informing me of all options available at that time. I am extremely grateful to her and Black Swan Health for this since taking part in the trial may have saved my life.

Overall I am now maintaining healthy lifestyle improvements and able to live an enjoyable life. This might not have been possible without the Black Swan Health team.”

To find out more about Black Swan Health’s individual and group Diabetes Programs, click here or download the referral form here. For other enquiries, please contact Clare Leavy on 9208 9525.