A Better Way to Prevent Falls

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Two Seniors Walking for exercise and wellbeing

Falling over is typically considered unimportant and even comical – but for seniors, it’s no joke.

In Australia, falls are the leading cause of hospital admissions for older people, with a third of seniors experiencing a fall every year. These falls can result in head injuries, hip fractures and even the increased risk of an early death. Older people who have had a fall may find they are no longer able to look after themselves and may need to move into residential aged care.

The psychological fear of falling can also take its toll on a senior’s wellbeing. Many of those living in fear choose to stay at home more often, become less active, and compromise their independence to avoid the possibility of falling.

Luckily, there are better ways to prevent falls. You can reduce the likelihood and impact of falls by staying active, becoming aware of hazards, maintaining healthy bones and addressing other health factors.

You can learn more about how to reduce your risk of falls and live confidently with the Stepping On falls prevention program – a free, 6-week program that will be run by Black Swan Health in Midland, starting 15th March. To find out more and register, visit the event page here or call us on 9201 0044.