Fiona Hayes

Occupational therapist

Fiona Hayes is an occupational therapist with 25 years’ experience in both private and public hospitals and community mental health services providing case management, counselling and rehabilitation for  children and adults on an individual and group basis.

Fiona specialises in helping children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties through child centered play therapy for children three to 10 years old, to help them express their feelings and communicate their experiences.

Fiona has an extensive knowledge of disability and mental health support services.

Specialises in the treatment of:

  • Anxiety and depression in adults, adolescents and children three to 12
  • Perinatal anxiety and depression
  • Parenting difficulties
  • Stress related illnesses
  • Adjustment to life changes – separation and divorce, physical and/or mental health difficulties, foster placement and birth of a child
  • Children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties at home, school and socially

Can also help with:

  • Challenging behaviours in children
  • Toileting problems
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Selective Mutism

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Fiona’s mental health tip:

The most important discovery is the one you make for yourself.