5 simple ways to connect with others (and Facebook isn’t one of them)

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5 Simple Ways To Connect With Others | Black Swan Health

5 simple ways to connect with others

Human beings are social creatures. With 15 million Australians actively using Facebook, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with old friends.

But despite having hundreds of Facebook friends, many of us experience feelings of loneliness and isolation. We have busy lives and find it increasingly difficult to connect with people in person, but face-to-face social interaction with others is key to maintaining healthy relationships.

Here are five simple ways to get offline and connect with people the old-fashioned way.

Organise regular catch ups

Organising regular catch ups can be gentle nudges for people who find social situations difficult. Try to organise a monthly catch up with old work friends, or Sunday dinner with family. By putting a routine in place, it becomes easier to regularly stay in touch with others and feel less isolated. At Black Swan Health, we look forward to a regular coffee catch up with people who work in the same block when Carl and Meg from Dos Shots visit!

Take up a hobby

Sometimes you need to move out of your comfort zone to connect with people. If you have always wanted to try photography, learn Spanish, or cook Thai food, now’s a good a time as any to sign up for classes! Putting yourself in a different situation is a chance to make new friends who have something in common with you.

Try your hand at volunteering

Putting the focus on other people is a wonderful way of contributing and feeling valued in the community. Whether it’s volunteering with a charity, gift wrapping in a shopping centre or coaching a local basketball team, your contribution will give you purpose and a place to belong.

Adopt a pet

Pets are excellent conversation starters and help to improve your physical and mental health. They make wonderful companions and can be great exercise partners. If you find it difficult to talk to others, a dog can be the perfect excuse to socialise with other dog owners in a park. Adopting a pet also has the added benefit of providing a loving home to a furry critter.

Join a group

There are many social and sporting clubs available that could add some real value to your overall general and mental health wellbeing. Whether it’s a footy team or book club, joining a group will help to get you out of the house and find people who have similar interests to you.

Many people feel alone or isolated at some point in their lives. A simple catch-up with people can do wonders for your mental health and wellbeing by keeping you engaged with your community.

Do you feel isolated or alone? We can help. Click here to find out about our free mental health services.

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