Aged Care Access Program - Black Swan Health

Contact information:

Phone: (08) 9201 0044
Fax: (08) 6316 0412

*Email is for contact purposes only. Please forward all referrals by secure fax.

Useful Links

GP Referral Guidelines
Suicide Support Line (for program clients only) 1800 859 585

Download referral form

IF YOU ARE IN CRISIS – please contact emergency services:

  • Mental Health Emergency Response Line: 1300 555 788
  • Crisis Care: 9223 1111
  • Lifeline: 13 11 14

Or attend your nearest Emergency Department:

About the Program

The Suicide Prevention Program is available to patients who are at low to mild risk of suicide and self-harm, or who have been affected by suicide. The program assists GPs in managing and supporting their patients who fit this description.
Please note: This is not an emergency or crisis service. For immediate response to suicidal ideation, please contact emergency services at the top of the page.

Available to patients who are:
  • At low to moderate risk of suicide
  • Over the age of 14
  • Living in the Perth north metro area, or attending a GP practising within the area.
Not suited to patients who:
  • Are at significant risk of suicide (see Risk Assessment Guide in the GP referral Guidelines document)
  • Have made a suicide attempt in the last month
  • Are currently being managed by the State Government Mental Health Service
  • Have been discharged from hospital in the last 5 days for a mental health admission
  • Exhibit aggressive behaviour towards service providers
  • Have dementia, delirium, or enduring developmental/mental disabilities

The Program provides:

  • Free counselling sessions with an Allied Mental Health Professional (credentialed in Suicide Prevention) for up to two months
  • Telephone contact with the patient within 24 hours of referral, and a first appointment offered within 72 hours of referral
  • 24 Hour Support via the Suicide Support Line (for program clients only) 1800 859 585
  • Formal liaison between Allied Mental Health Professional and GP regarding ongoing patient support and referral throughout the service
  • Access to mental health professionals who specialise in the area and who can provide referral options at the end of the counselling period

Referral Process:

GPs can make referrals to the Program 24 hours a day by secure fax to (08) 6316 0412. Download the Suicide Prevention Program Referral Form here

*Please note: Suicide Prevention Program is unable to support clients who are currently involved in any workers compensation, family court, or other legal processes.