STEPS Program - Black Swan Health

Contact information:

Phone: (08) 9201 0044
Fax: (08) 9242 1584

About the Program

STEPS (Self Training Educative Pain Sessions) takes a broad approach to the self-management of chronic pain, focusing on education and empowering people living with chronic pain. Clients are taught strategies for active self – management and given the most up to date information on chronic pain from specialists in the field.

To be eligible for referral, patients need to:
  • Have suffered from chronic pain for more than 3 months
  • Be living or visiting a GP in the Perth north metro area
  • Be suitable for participation in group education
  • Agree to complete a pre-entry questionnaire to assist in the triaging process
  • Be fluent enough in the English language to understand the written and spoken materials presented

*Please note:

  • Exclusion criteria include clients with palliative cancer pain, clients who need an interpreter, or clients who are not able to participate in group-based education sessions for other reasons.
  • Clients with a high dose of opioids, and those with probable dominant post herpetic neuralgia or diabetic neuropathy, may be seen by the Pain Team prior to admission to the STEPS sessions.

Program Activities:

  • Clients attend two group education sessions run by a psychologist, physiotherapist and pain specialist
  • Clients are encouraged to adopt strategies learned in group sessions for a 3-6 week period
  • Clients are invited to attend individual clinics to assess individual needs and receive advice on how to further implement their Pain Management Plan
  • Clients can then return to their GP to discuss and implement their Pain Management Plan

Referral Process:

Referrals can be made by GPs and other health care professionals. Please send completed referral forms via fax (9201 0033) or email ( The referral form can be downloaded here.